Your Complete Outdoor Kitchen

The most advanced ceramic grill in the world the Monolith BBQ Guru


One of the great glories of the Monolith BBQ Guru Edition is its unmatched versatility. Because of the unique nature and interaction of air flow dynamics and high heat ceramic material, the Monolith charcoal grill can do just about everything.

It’s as simple as you want and as versatile as you need. The extensive range of standard premium features bring unlimited options by creating a variety of cooking methods and multiple fire configurations.


Satisfy your every cooking need with the ultimate all-in-one outdoor cooker. Grilling, barbecuing, baking, smoking, searing and roasting – whichever way you prepare your dishes, the Monolith will always enable you to achieve flawless results.

Whether you require high temperatures for perfectly grilled steak or low temperatures for tender barbecued chicken– you’ll be amazed with the all-round talent, convenience, and possibilities available by using just one grill.


Cooking food over an open fire is one of life’s great pleasures. Take advantage of the full potential of your Monolith grill and offer your friends and family a truly special live fire cooking experience.

DIRECT- High Heat Grilling/Searing

Used primarily for searing foods and for cooking foods that take less than 20 minutes to cook. This method is usually best for relatively small pieces of food that cook quickly, such as shrimp, steak, hamburgers, hot dogs, sausages, and vegetables.

Cooking Outdoor Grilling barbecuing baking smoking searing, Monolith grill

INDIRECT- Low & Slow Cooking/Smoking

Indirect cooking is achieved on the Monolith by using a ceramic barrier between the coals and the food. It is used for traditional barbecue meats that require long, slow cooking at low heat, such as ribs, brisket, whole turkey, and pulled pork.

TWO- ZONE- Combo Indirect/ Direct

The most versatile way to cook. Use the charcoal basket and divider to combine both direct heat and indirect heat for cooking a wide array of foods at the same time.

PIZZA STONE: Grilling/ Baking

The ceramic pizza stone recreates the conditions of a brick oven on your grill. This method is best for grilling gourmet-style pizza or baking dessert and bread.

What Will You Create With Your Heat?

Cooking Outdoor Grilling barbecuing baking smoking searing, Monolith grill