Lighting Your Monolith

Lighting Your Monolith Grill

A. Depending on temperature and application, use either the Cast Iron Fire Grate or the Charcoal Basket. When using low temperatures and grilling for a long period of time, we recommend using the Cast Iron Fire Grate. This enables you to fill up the Firebox with a larger amount of charcoal, allowing for a longer burning duration and easy temperature control due to the reduced airflow.

When using medium to high temperatures, we recommend using the Charcoal Basket. The extra airflow enables the charcoal to reach higher temperatures faster. Fill the Charcoal Basket up to the opening for the Smoke Chip feeder System. The Cast Iron Fire Grate and the Charcoal Basket can be used simultaneously.

Ensure that there aren’t any small charcoal pieces at the bottom of Firebox or Charcoal Basket, as these can obstruct airflow. The Charcoal Baskets for the Monolith BBQ Guru Edition Classic and Monolith BBQ Guru Edition Le Chef can be divided, allowing you to use only half the area.

CAUTION: We recommend only high quality, large lump charcoal. Note that the grill can reach very high temperatures and should not be placed in the immediate vicinity of combustible materials. The grill must not be operated in closed rooms. Keep children and animals away from the hot grill. Please stay close to the grill during the process of heating up the charcoal, temperatures in excess of 840°F can be reached very fast and may cause damage to the grill components.

Lighting Your Monolith Grill

B. We recommend lighting the center of the charcoal. Please do not use chemical or liquid accelerants, as their fumes can be absorbed by the ceramic unit and may adversely affect the flavor and quality of the food. We recommend the propane torch or chemical free fire accelerants. Close the lid and open the air vent and ventilation cap. Due to the chimney effect, the charcoal heats up extremely fast (approx. 15 minutes).

CAUTION: Do not use chemical or liquid fire accelerants. Never light the grill with the lid closed.

Lighting Your Monolith Grill

C. If cooking under 400°F, you can use your DigiQ DX3, DynaQ, or UltraQ to set your cooking temperature with oven-like precision. Set your Cook Temp to the desired temperature, and the BBQ Guru control will bring it up to temperature for you quickly and with great accuracy. If cooking over 400°F, adjust the air vent and ventilation cap, leaving a gap of approximately .5 – 1 inch.

CAUTION: The Grill and its metal components can get very hot, please wear gloves or use tongs when adjusting the air vents.

By adjusting the air vent and ventilation cap, you can regulate the required temperatures. Opening both vents will increase airflow and oxygen intake, making the charcoal hotter and the temperature increase. By closing the vents, you reverse the process. Due to the very good insulation of the heavy ceramics, it will take some time to lower the temperature from the high temperature range. Therefore, we suggest not letting the temperature rise too high if you are planning on using the Monolith BBQ Guru Edition in the low temperature range.

Lighting Your Monolith Grill

D. Then place the appropriate accessories according to the setup for the desired grilling method inside the grill.

CAUTION: The Grill and its metal components can get very hot, please wear gloves or use tongs when placing the metal grates, pizza stone or deflector stone in the grill or when removing them. Do not place hot components on flammable or sensitive surfaces. Please exercise caution when handling the hot components in order to avoid injuries.

E. By closing both of the air vents, the embers will be extinguished; this will take approximately 10 – 20 minutes. The remaining charcoal can be reused. After cooling down, simply lift the Charcoal Basket out of the

Monolith BBQ Guru Edition by the handles, then shake off the ashes, or use the ash hook to remove the ashes within the ceramic Firebox.

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