Guru Tech Monolith Ceramic Grill


Ingenuity is at the heart of every Monolith BBQ Guru Edition grill. Every ounce of innovation has been carefully orchestrated to make each cooking experience even better than the last. For those who demand the best, the Monolith is the breakthrough in outdoor cooking you’ve been waiting for.

Historically, the kamado cooking style was traditionally used by the Chinese and Japanese for over 3,000 years. German engineers took the centuries-old tradition and built upon that age-proven foundation to create the Monolith.  First introduced in Europe from the charming grand villas of Italy, to the snow-covered mountains of Switzerland, and Spain’s breathtaking southern coast, the Monolith has established an international reputation for its precision and remarkable craftsmanship.

The meeting of two masterpieces, united by a shared passion for the art of cooking.Guru Tech Monolith Ceramic Grill

Renowned German engineering has united with American ingenuity to masterfully design and create the most advanced charcoal grill in the world. It’s a symbol of precision, beauty, and performance. With more innovations than any other ceramic grill, the Monolith effortlessly takes the lead position for the future of luxury outdoor cooking. Open your world and palate, and experience the blend of exquisite craftsmanship and the highest level of technology available in outdoor cooking.

The freedom, the smoky aroma, and the enthralling allure of mastering live fire meets high-precision outdoor cooking. It’s time to forget everything you once thought about fire and imagine a world powered by automatic oven-like temperature control, voice control activation, “food ready” text message alerts, temperature graphing, and social media sharing. This is the world of the Monolith.

Guru Tech Monolith Ceramic GrillCOMPLETE CONTROL AT THE GRILL
Built to make every single cook an indulgence, the Monolith elevates cooking to a true art form. Automatically manage and effortlessly control your ceramic grill like an oven with our exclusive and revolutionary integrated digital temperate controls.

The high-tech controllers, combined with the Monolith’s built-in temperature control fan housing system, raises efficiency to new levels and provides complete control at the grill. Included with WiFi capabilities, it is created for cooking enthusiasts willing to explore the new and unknown.  Monitor and regulate up to three food temperatures in real-time, plus your Monolith’s temperature from anywhere in the world. The result is an unmatched outdoor cooking experience.

The Monolith is more than just a grill. It’s an opportunity to create remarkable experiences. Sync your Monolith to the internet and unlock additional features with the companion website Join the private online community and start watching and controlling your cook’s temperatures in real-time and record them to review later. Create and share recipes with other members, watch how other experts grill, upload your delicious food pictures, and support others by commenting and rating other cooks.

Automation like you’ve never experienced. Monitor and regulate your Monolith’s fire without having to lift a finger. Using any Amazon-Alexa enabled device, simply speak commands or ask questions to control your grill such as, “How much time is left on my timer?” or “What’s the temperature of Food 1?” and Alexa will respond.

Guru Tech Monolith Ceramic Grill
Perfect for making every meal memorable. Closely track your cooks by setting and watching target temperatures, and make notes at important moments. Carefully monitoring your Monolith’s fire will result in more consistent and delicious meals.

Get social and share your delicious cooks and exquisite recipes with friends and family across your favorite social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Don’t want to share your secret cooking techniques with the world? Make them private or protect them with a password to share only with your selected friends.